On Absolute Motion


By Alfonso León Guillén Gómez

Colombia, May 20, 2011


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"The Relativistic Mechanics says that the motion is relative. But, as vacuum is the frame of the motion of the bodies, the motion really is absolute, since an observer, inside an inertial system, fully insulated from the outside, may determine whether his system is in motion and measure its speed, in absolute terms, by generate inside his system, two orthogonal electromagnetic waves, to detect the Doppler effect. In its absence he proves that the system is in absolute rest. This Doppler does not exists in the nature because the source of the wave, in the address of the motion, remains in rest with relation to the observer. However, as the system may be moving, the Doppler it can induce by the use of a Decelerator of Photons that allows the system travels with a speed greater than speed of the wave. The wave inside the Decelerator, in each cycle, before that the wave reaches at a wavelength, the system moves a greater distance in the vacuum and it furthermore occurs the combined effect of the speeds of the system and the wave. On the observer, these waves cause a induced Doppler."

This work was presented, at Charles University (Universitas Carolina), Praga, Republic Checa, in the meeting On Relativity and Gravitation: 100 years after Einstein in Prague, june 25-29, 2012. And was published at the Vol 3, No 3, september 2013, International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS) indexed in DOAJ, EBSCO (USA), CrossRef (USA) and DOI Numbers

The author grateful his participation to organizing committee: Marek Abramowicz, Lars Andersson, Abhay Ashtekar, Julian Barbour, Jirí Bicák, Roger Blandford, Bernd Brugmann, Piotr Chruściel, Thibault Damour, Karsten Danzmann, Fernando de Felice, George Ellis, John Friedman, Helmut Friedrich, Valeri Frolov, Gary Gibbons, Gary Horowitz, Joseph Katz, Karel Kuchař, Jerzy Lewandowski, Gernot Neugebauer, Hermann Nicolai, Igor Novikov, Martin Rees, Oscar Reula, Luciano Rezzolla, Misao Sasaki, Gerhard Schafer, Bernd Schmidt, Alexei Starobinsky, Paul Tod, Robert Wald, Clifford Will. Specially professor doctor Jirí Bicák. Too, I present my feelings of friendship to all the scientists of this meeting.

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On the absolute motion in the inertial systems, in slice format .

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This work, in the format of paper, was published in the Vol 3, No 3, september, 2013 International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS) indexed in DOAJ, EBSCO (USA), CrossRef (USA) and DOI Numbers.

On the absolute motion in the inertial systems. (Please, do click on the blue line: Vol.3 No.3 Sep 2013) .