Gravity, metaphysics or physics?

Alfonso Leon Guillen Gomez

Independent scientific researcher, 127A Street 53A68 Flat 514, Bogota, Colombia


Abstract. Gravity is the foundation of the current physical paradigm. Due to that gravity is strongly linked to the curvature of spacetime, we research that it lacks of a valid physical concept of spacetime, nevertheless that from the science philosophy, via substantivalism, it has tried respond. We found that is due to that the gnoseological process applied from the general relativity, necessarily us leads to metaphysic because ontologically spacetime is a metaphysical entity. Thus, we arrive to the super substantivalism that from metaphysics gives an answer on spacetime rigorously exact with the vision of Einstein on physics. The result is that matter is nothing since all is spacetime, i.e, geometry, therefore is an imperative of the physical science break the current paradigm.

Keywords: gravity, spacetime, physics, metaphysics, paradigm

Published at International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS), Vol 3, No 4, December 2013, indexed in DOAJ, EBSCO (USA), CrossRef (USA) and DOI Numbers.

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