Alfonso León Guillen Gómez

Independent scientific researcher, Bogotá, Colombia



The General Relativity defines mathematically; through of a dynamic geometric differential tensorial model, static gravitational field like the metric tensor o f a Lorentzian manifold, representing curvature of  geometric  four-  dimensional  entity  named    spacetime,  depending  of  the  four-tensor energy-impulse.  Of  other  hand, Einstein  conceptually  formulated  spacetime  as  quality  structural  of  gravitational  field,  i.e,  a  circular  definition between gravity and spacetime, also Einstein denoted " Space and time are modes by which we think, not conditions under which we live " and “We  denote everything but the gravitational field as matter”,  therefore,  spacetime  is  nothing  and  gravitational  field  is  not  a  material  field  but  in  first  approximation  an effect  of  coordinates,  and  definitely  a  geometric  field,  i.e,  nothing.  The  mathematical  model  generates  quantitative predictions coincident with observations in high grade of exactitude without physical meaning.

The philosophy of the science has intervened General Relativity from two schools: in the Substantivalism, spacetime is defined existing itself, and storing all events, to order of situation and to order of succession  while  in  Relationalism  as  the  metrical  relations  of  coexistence  and  succession  between  events.  But,  "Space-time is still an enigma to science and philosophy" (Lorente, 2006) because “We really do not know  what  spacetime”  (Odenwald,  2015).  Of  such  way,  the outcomes  of  the  black  box,  which  is  the mathematical  model,  inside  of  the  context  of  the  dominant  scientific  positivism,  has  supported  during  a century  the  validity  of  the  General  Relativity,  that  in  absence  of  intrinsic  physical  meaning,  it  counterfeits arbitrarily.  Due  to  his  mathematical  dynamic  model,   Einstein  formulated,  from  sources  of  quadrupole  of energy,  the  formation  of  ripples  in  that  geometric  entity  noted  as  spacetime  which  propagate  as gravitational  waves,  travelling  in  the  space,  that Einstein  abandoned  in  1938  when  he  said  that gravitational waves really do not exist. On February 11, 2016, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced that  they  had  first  detection,  on  September  14,  2015,  gravitational  waves  from  a  pair  of  merging  lack holes.  They  say  that  are  waves  of  the  fabric  of  spacetime,  therefore,  interpreting  them  according  to Substantivalism,  one  conventional  philosophical  conception  in  dispute  with  Relationalism.  Those  waves detected  by  LIGO  truly  are  quadru-polar  transverse mechanical  quantum  waves  of  quantum  vacuum  a physical medium; they transport energy but graviton  is not. 

KEYWORDS: Relativity, gravitational waves, quantum vacuum, mechanical quantum waves.

In the dates in that was reported on the experimental verification of the alleged gravitational waves, the author participated in the forums of the following publications, presenting his thesis that they are really waves of quantum vacuum:

-The black-hole collision that reshaped physics: Nature

-Here’s the first person to spot those gravitational waves: Science

-The Gravity Wave Hunter: Nautilus

-About Those Gravitational Waves: Hackaday


The article was accepted for its publication by Journal of Modern Physics (JMP), 27 May 2016. 

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“In  this  present  manuscript,  the  authors  presented that  there  are  two  recognized  cases  in  that  the rectifications about  formulations made  by  great scientists  are  not  served  by  the  scientific  community  that  the appropriated. Then the authors stated that the theory of Einstein had sufficient reason because inside of context of General Relativity is impossible gravitational waves. However, the mathematical exercises of  Einstein drive us to detect quadrupole transverse waves of quantum vacuum an extraordinary find. In my review, this is a very nicely written theoretical and analytical paper, and the author analyzed and discussed the  results  in  detail  and  correctly.  The  theoretically  developed  analyses  in  this  paper are correct  and  the obtained  results  are  interesting.  This  paper  includes  a  very  sufficient  research  content.  If  the  author  can revise this paper by the comments indicated below,  I recommend to accept it for publication.”

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