Einstein's gravitation is Einstein-Grossmann's equations

Autor: Alfonso León Guillén Gómez


Colombia, 2015

On this work:

- The russian professor of physics at University of Tours, France, Mikhail S. Volkov, Ph.D in theoretical physics, University of Moscow, who works on constructing soliton-type solutions in various physical models and chairperson of Parallel Session AT4 - Localized self-gravitating field systems in the Einstein and alternatives theories of gravity accepted as contribution to Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting MG14, University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Rome, July 12-18, 2015.

- In 2016, the contributions to MG14 will be presented, at a ebook hosted by World Scientific with open access, making them easily accessible for the first time and broadening their impact significantly.

Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting – MG14

To MG14 attended 1220 scientists of every side the World, 1054 officially registered as participants.

Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting – MG14: Participants

Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting – MG14: Certificate of participation

Some photos taken in Roma.

Author thank Committee Chair MG14: Remo Ruffini, Robert Jantzen and Massimo Bianchi for accept me as participant, Chairpersons ES2 and AT4: Dieter Rudolf Brill and Mikhail S. Volkov for accept my works: “The medium of motion: a critical clue to understand spacetime” and “Einstein's gravitation is Einstein-Grossmann's equations”.

Author thank Marco Belli and Gianluca Belli for rent me their nice flat and their support and the marvellous persons of Italia and the rest of world, at Roma, who supported me.

Of other hand, author expresses his happy reunion with the professors Sergey Sushkov of the Kazan University, of the organizing committee of the Petrov 2010 anniversary symposium on General Relativity and gravitation, Russian Federation (Kazan), 1-6 November, 2010 and Jiri Bicak of the Charles University, of the organizing committee of the meeting On Relativity and Gravitation: 100 years after Einstein in Prague, june 25-29, 2012. Too, author presents his feelings of friendship to all the scientists of MG14 meeting.

Photos Committee Chair and Chairpersons.

Photos Invited Speakers.

Abstract. While the philosophers of science discuss the General Relativity, the mathematical physicists do not question it. Therefore, there is a conflict. From the theoretical point view “the question of precisely what Einstein discovered remains unanswered, for we have no consensus over the exact nature of the theory's foundations. Is this the theory that extends the relativity of motion from inertial motion to accelerated motion, as Einstein contended? Or is it just a theory that treats gravitation geometrically in the spacetime setting?”. “The voices of dissent proclaim that Einstein was mistaken over the fundamental ideas of his own theory and that their basic principles are simply incompatible with this theory. Many newer texts make no mention of the principles Einstein listed as fundamental to his theory; they appear as neither axiom nor theorem. At best, they are recalled as ideas of purely historical importance in the theory's formation. The very name General Relativity is now routinely condemned as a misnomer and its use often zealously avoided in favour of, say, Einstein's theory of gravitation What has complicated an easy resolution of the debate are the alterations of Einstein's own position on the foundations of his theory”, (Norton, 1993) [1]. Of other hand from the mathematical point view the “General Relativity had been formulated as a messy set of partial differential equations in a single coordinate system. People were so pleased when they found a solution that they didn't care that it probably had no physical significance” (Hawking and Penrose, 1996) [2]. So, during a time, the declaration of quantum theorists: “I take the positivist viewpoint that a physical theory is just a mathematical model and that it is meaningless to ask whether it corresponds to reality. All that one can ask is that its predictions should be in agreement with observation.” (Hawking and Penrose, 1996) [2] seemed to solve the problem, but recently achieved with the help of the tightly and collectively synchronized clocks in orbit frontally contradicts fundamental assumptions of the theory of Relativity. These observations are in disagree from predictions of the theory of Relativity (Hatch, 2004a, 2004b, 2007)[3,4,5]. The mathematical model was developed first by Grossmann who presented it, in 1913, as the mathematical part of the Entwurf theory, still referred to a curved Minkowski spacetime. Einstein completed the mathematical model, in 1915, formulated for Riemann ́s spacetimes. In this paper, we present as of General Relativity currently remains only the mathematical model, darkened with the results of Hatch and, course, we conclude that a Einstein ́s gravity theory does not exist.

Published by Journal of Advances in Physics. Vol. 11, No. 3. November 26, 2015

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