Critical failure of the principle equivalence between acceleration and gravity

Alfonso Leon Guillen Gomez

Independent scientific researcher, Colombia, 25 June 2013

Abstract: The principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravity of general relativity is reviewed in a thought experiment of two bodies, aligned according to the perpendicular, under the reciprocal action of their gravity, in free fall, inside of an accelerated reference system, in the vacuum. The result is that the two bodies fall with a different acceleration. This result invalidates such principle.

On june 29 2013 this paper was presented to Nature. On july 1 2013 Nature respond:

1st July 2013

Dear Mr Guillen,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript, which we are regretfully unable to offer to publish.

It is Nature's policy to return a substantial proportion of manuscripts without sending them to referees, so that they may be sent elsewhere without delay. Decisions of this kind are made by the editorial staff when it appears that papers are unlikely to succeed in the competition for limited space.

In the present case, while your findings may well prove stimulating to others' thinking about such questions, I regret that we are unable to conclude that the work provides the sort of firm advance in general understanding that would warrant publication in Nature. We therefore feel that the paper would

find a more suitable outlet in a specialist journal.

I am sorry that we cannot respond more positively on this occasion, but I hope that you will rapidly receive a more favourable response elsewhere.

Yours sincerely,

Manuscript Administration, Nature

At 6 April 2014 was published at Journal of Advances in Physics, Vol 4, No 2

Critical failure of the principle equivalence between acceleration and gravity